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  • Winter is Coming

    Winter is Coming

    Summer has left, autumn is here –  winter is coming. Find more pics in Sky Pixel.

  • Paris Night

    Enjoy Paris Night from Top of Eiffel Tower

    Back to Paris – City of Light – after been left for two years, everything looks just same as yesterday. Let me share Paris night from top of Eiffel Tower with you guys. Find more photos shot from the sky.

  • Game of Drones

    Game of Drones

    Game of Drones – clip of videos of Shanghai night, shot by my drone DJI Mavic Pro. Music from Game of Thrones with many thanks and respect. Find more pic I shot in Sky Pixel.

  • Happy Weekend

    Happy Weekend

    #happyweekend #bonweekend #shanghai A post shared by @next2dream on Aug 18, 2017 at 3:27am PDT Typhoon is about to come. Wish you guys a happy weekend. 😛 Find out more pics I shot from the sky.

  • Typhoon is coming

    City Waiting For Typhoon

    Temperature finally dropped to below 40 degree – many thanks to the coming typhoon – the whole city is waiting for a typhoon to cool this summer a bit. Caught a chance to fly before typhoon coming and found parking apron on top of  a skyscraper. Check out more pics I took from the sky.

  • Rooftop


    Walking on a rooftop brings us a truly special feeling in summer eve. While looking down at a rooftop must be another extraordinary experience.